AC & Furnace Repairs in Fridley, MN

When you need a new furnace or air conditioning unit, turn to our professionals at Northern, Inc. in Fridley, MN. Yep, we do more than just water treatment. We want every aspect of your house to be comfortable and well-adjusted, and we offer comprehensive HVAC services as a direct result. 

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Furnace Repairs & Replacements

Furnaces are notoriously problematic amongst homeowners, especially as they age. They routinely require new filters, the pilot light never seems to stay on, and they may have numerous other problems. However, they’re important for our everyday way of life. Northern, Inc. will be your trusted companion for furnace repairs and other HVAC services. Our trained technicians will work closely with you to repair your furnace at an affordable price. We’ll also help you find and install a new Goodman® furnace, which could potentially save you money on repair and energy costs in the future. 

Air Conditioning Repairs & Replacements

When you’re considering a new air conditioning unit, Northern, Inc. is here to help. Our skilled team will help you determine if a new AC unit is right for your needs or if an air conditioning repair is the better decision for the time being. We’ll always be open and honest with you about what we think is and isn’t necessary for your situation. If you need repairs, our technicians will get the fixes done quickly and at an affordable price. We’ll also gladly get you a new Goodman air conditioning unit and install it for you, all without breaking your pocketbook. Our HVAC services will always meet your needs!

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Whether you need a new furnace or air conditioning repairs, the HVAC services we offer at Northern, Inc. are sure to meet your needs. Our team of skilled pros will ensure that any problem is fixed quickly, no matter the brand. Call us today to get a free quote!  

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