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The solution to clean, purified water is clear: Quality water treatment that is efficient and cost-effective, brought to you by Northern Water Treatment in Fridley. We feature the best Hague Quality Water treatment equipment. Hague has been in business for more than 50 years, and is renowned for quality. All the reassurance you need is revealed in warranties of up to 25 years. 

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Customer Quotes

“They called right after I stopped using my own company. He (Chuck) answered all of my questions and more. He also referred me to an electrician that got the electrical ready for the water softener. All in all we were quite satisfied. Friendly, knowledgeable, and timely. Thanks.” 

Todd L.

“New water softener installed. The plumber knew what he was doing and took care of two other problem I had. The additional service was reasonable and saved me more money in the long run. Will be calling the company back for future plumbing needs"

Kenneth G.


Established in 1960, Hague Quality Water is the oldest major water treatment manufacturer in the United States under continuous family ownership. That equates to equipment that is made with pride and a strong attention to detail that you won't find in other manufacturers. 

Our technicians are fully trained in installing Hague equipment, so you know you're getting not only the best water treatment hardware, but also correct installation services for years of worry-free water treatment.

Hard Water Symptoms

There are many symptoms of hard water, and all of them are negative. 

 Does your drinking water have a cloudy look or a funny taste? Do you feel like you're left with a soapy residue when you bathe? Is it difficult to get the soap off of your dishes when you wash them? Do hard, white deposits clog your shower head or tap, eventually limiting flow to a notable degree? Hard water can also throw off the nutrients in your lawn or garden and leave a damaging sediment in the bottom of your water heater.


There are easy, economical solutions to your hard water problems. 

 A water softener system removes the unwanted, unhealthy deposits from your water. The primary culprit is calcium, which is leached from the soil the water flows through from its source to your home or business. Calcium deposits and limescale are what clog up your faucets and leave an unsightly stain around the drain, in tea kettles and throughout your water lines. 

The benefits of soft water

Water that has had calcium and other foreign chemicals and matter removed is called "soft" water. Soft water is desirable because it has all the unwanted elements removed, leaving you with clean, healthy water. You'll also conserve water, because it will take less to get things truly clean, without leaving a slimy residue behind.

360 Water Softeners

The 360 series of water treatment equipment will give you years of low-cost, high-quality service. It's fully warranted and delivers clean, pure water that's healthy for drinking, is kind to plumbing, and leaves you feeling truly clean after a shower or bath.

The 360 comes in four sizes to fit the space available for installation. The high-efficiency system uses a process that allows the water leaving the tank to pass through the most highly conditioned zone in the system. This ensures maximum efficiency and consistently conditioned water quality.

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